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Καθαρισμός Οικοπέδων Urgent Attention needed - Children Health and Safety Hazard

Posted 10 months ago


Follow up request on #1060

The complaint #1060 was closed stating it would be handled in Apr/May.
And here we are in June with the plot only in worse state than before.

Now since the bushes have dried, they also pose a fire threat.
It seems we have lost the value of children and peoples safety in the area.


The corner plot on Faidras street has become a safety hazard for children.
The grass and thorny bushes have grown more than 1 meter high (taller than the partition walls). The plot has not been cleaned since 1-2 years now.

There is a children park near by and children always lose their balls in the thorny bushes and grass. Then the children go inside to find the ball. On top of the thorns, there are mosquitoes, insects, lizards and maybe even small snakes will be there. This a major health risk if something bites the children.

Please see attached photos of how bad the situation is. You can even see many wasps infesting the houses nearby.
Please send someone to inspect the plot or summon the plot owner to cleanup. This is a dangerous situation involving children safety.
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